I have been a Louisiana painter and artist for more than 50-years and currently show my art in galleries and festivals across Louisiana and Texas (Ellis Motel in the city of Round Top).

I focus on a variety of mediums, especially oil painting, graphic art woodcuts, murals, and decorative art. 

I am a figurative expressionist with a long history of landscape painting in oil and acrylic on board and canvas. 

I find in natural form and a variety of vistas a potential to use intense color as an emotional vehicle, the poetics of which depict space with vibrance and subtlety. 

I believe the more you look at landscapes, the more subtleties of light are revealed.

The expressive quality of my paintings represent a vast range of emotion and symbolic representation. The various subjects are chosen for their interest and beauty. These paintings are rich in the interrelation of temperature, typography, moisture, and the effects of weather and regions.